The Test Kitchen Wrap Up

The Test Kitchen Wrap Up

On Thursday the 5th of May, guests joined us on a journey through Asia as Red Spice Road’s Executive Chef John McLeay and Head Chef Dylan Mccormack went head to head with their favourite dishes from the orient. Matched to Dal Zotto wines.
Our private dining room was buzzing, the drinks were flowing and the menu was mouth-watering!
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Here’s a little preview of how the evening unfolded:

Our chefs tantalised taste buds with a delicious selection of appetisers, mains and dessert.
Check out The Test Kitchen menu here:
Scallop, poached duck , tapioca, mushrooms, lemon balm
2014 Dal Zotto Pucino Prosecco, King Valley, VIC
Turmeric cured snapper, honeydew melon, rice paddy herb, radish, roe
2014 Dal Zotto Garganega, King Valley, VIC
Cured pork wrapped quail filled with sticky rice, lup cheong, shitake, water chestnuts
2014 Dal Zotto Arneis, King Valley, VIC
Pork doughnut, chilli salt rock sugar, cardamom pear puree
2014 Dal Zotto Barbera, King Valley, VIC
9+ Kobe beef, chilli onion pickle, potato congee, herbs
2012 Dal Zotto Nebbiolo. King Valley, VIC
Sang som mung bean custard cake, maple popcorn, black rice, jackfruit-ginger ice-cream
NV Dal Zotto Pink Pucino Prosecco, King Valley, VIC



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