Summer Drinks with Apples + Pears

Summer Drinks with Apples + Pears

Summer is all about catching up with friends, enjoying the quiet season and sipping on a refreshing drink.
Our restaurants are the perfect place to do this with our twists on classic cocktails, Asian-inspired mocktails and extensive range of wines.
We want you to enjoy your beverages just as much as your food, so don’t be afraid to ask your server for specials or take a look at what we’ve got on this summer below:
The Boss’ Secret Stash at Red Spice Road
The boss has been collecting an array of gems for the Red Spice Road McKillop Cellar List and we finally got him to share it.
This selection of rare wines from Australia, Germany, Italy and France has been put together to match the flavours of Red Spice Road’s menu. Whether you’re eating something spicy, sweet or salty, we can assist with your beverage match. View the full list and tasting notes here.
Wine Flights at Meat Fish Wine Auckland
If you’re a wine-lover in Auckland, make sure to head to our impressive bar to try our Wine Flights! Speak to our sommelier who will tell you all about the wines handpicked from around New Zealand. Take a look at the tasting notes for our red and white wine flights here.
Cocktails and Mocktails at Burma Lane

Purple Rain Cocktail (vodka, ginger, violet liqueurs, lavender, earl grey, lemon and whites) + Everything’s Coming up Rosemary mocktail (rosemary, honey syrup, lemon, blueberries and soda)

If you’re heading into Burma Lane for a feed, you might just bump into Hannah, our cocktail expert. Here she’s pouring our popular Purple Rain, a flowery cocktail featuring earl grey and lavender. If you’re not in the mood for alcohol, our non-alcoholic creations are just as tasty, such as Everything’s Coming Up Rosemary.
Below, you’ll find quite the opposite of a quiet night out – our Tequiling Me Softly. Try it if you dare!
Tequiling Me Softly – tequila, pineapple, coriander, agave and lime

Cocktails and Mocktails at Red Spice QV
Choya Sour Cocktail + Seedy Thai Mocktail (pomegranate, Thai basil leaves, basil seeds and lime)

Last but not least, Red Spice QV’s drinks menu is full of Asian influences. For example, we’ve taken on classics such as Whisky and Amaretto Sours to come up with our Choya Sour. The use of umeshu plum wine, a sweet and sour Japanese liqueur, does the trick perfectly.
Instagrammer also gave our range of Martinis a try, featuring everything from lime to chilli vodka. If your group is feeling like a big night out – we do cocktail jugs too!
Instagram photo courtesy of

There’s no limit to our drink offerings at our Apples + Pears restaurants this season. With all this happening, along with our recent European wine delivery, we’re bound to have a very happy summer indeed.



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