Opened in 2012, Red Spice QV takes you on an exotic culinary adventure through a sumptuous world of fresh ingredients and divine Asian inspired flavours.

Located in the QV Centre, we welcome you to come and try our delicious new takes on classic Asian dishes with influences from locations as diverse as Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Burma, China, and Japan, all prepared with our signature style in the heart of the city!

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A Complete Experience
“You walk into the low, warm light of the dining area. The music is soft and unobtrusive but genuinely enjoyable. A friendly waiter seats you and then takes the time to explain the menu with practised ease. Flavours, portion sizes and option are explained and, when the order is taken, dietary requirements (a coeliac in this case) are noted and accommodated with reassuring ease.

The meal arrives in good time and it’s well cooked, delicious and filling. The only sound other than the low talk of the patrons is that of the bartender shaking the ice in a cocktail maker.

You get the feeling someone’s actually put thought and care into this and it shows.”Ian W (TripAdvisor)

Red Spice QV

A delicious new take on classic Asian dishes

37 Artemis Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Reservations: (03) 8660 6300
Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week

Proud holders of Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence awards