Red Spice Road's 10th Birthday Bash

Red Spice Road's 10th Birthday Bash

We promised a spectacular celebration, and we delivered! Red Spice Road was transformed into a bustling and fascinating Asian hawker market on Thursday October 12th to celebrate a decade of culinary bliss. The furniture moved out and the room was completely transformed as the line of expectant guests expanded out the front door.

The venue burst with over 300 happy guests, eager to experience the vibrancy and energy of Asia transposed into the Red Spice Road surrounds. And what an experience it was!

There were food stalls serving up the tastiest Asian street food. From dumplings, to skewers, to stir-frys to freshly pummelled papaya salad, not to mention roaming banh mi and pork belly.. The guests got a chatting with the chefs, the chefs were delighted to be able to have a chat with the guests. No one was left wanting for more.

There were drink stands pouring unlimited wine, beer, gin and whiskey courtesy of our sponsors Dal Zotto, MoonDog, Four Pillars and Starward. Wherever you turned there was either a tipple for you to sip on, or a tasty treat to devour…it was tough, really tough.

Frolicking throughout the venue, you encountered a DJ spinning vinyl to get your boogie on and scantily clad showgirls for that unforgettable photo. Fire, there was fire too. An intoxicating performance by said showgirls, lighting up the room, and thankfully (for us) not setting aflame our iconic Red Spice Road lantern…

A red stretch Ferrari carrying the winners of our 10th Birthday competition attempted to join the party. Unfortunately to no avail, due to the tight turning circle on McKillop street… 🙁 But, what would a party be without a slight hitch hey!

There was a heart-warming speech from our owner Andrew Cameron, door prizes big and small, and nobody left without their gift bag.

Last but not least, a snake charmer…with a rather large snake, got the crowd divided. A stunning (for some) rainbow python made its way through the crowds, slithered up the arms of certain courageous guests, and entwined itself around shoulders and necks to both reluctance and glee.

The night got later, the dance floor filled, and the good times just kept coming, which made it a bit of a struggle for some on Friday morn…

It was a magnificent celebration, that truly honoured the fun-loving and eclectic Red Spice Road. We thank all of our guests for being a part of what was an unforgettable evening. Now time to look forward to the next 10 years to come. See you all in October 2027 for our big 20! (but please make sure you visit us before then 🙂 )
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