Red Spice Road Survival Packages



Introducing our Red Spice To-Go, make at your home, restaurant survival packages from our Head Chef Mo!

Inside you’ll find a delicious recipe for one of the dishes mentioned below, along with all the ingredients to prepare the meal for 2-4 peeps! This is the true “homemade” Red Spice Road experience!

What: A recipe from our Head Chef, Mo + all the ingredients to make said recipe for 2-4 people. Also, no delivery fee!
How Much: Prices listed below
When: Monday to Saturday between 11am – 9pm… 😊
How to order: Simply place your order online below by selecting your dish/es. Delivery available within an 8k radius of Melbourne CBD otherwise, come and collect between 11am and 9pm.

We will give you a call to finalise your 2 hours delivery time.
Should you request it as soon as possible, call us on 03 9603 1626.

What could be on the menu at yours tonight!

Korean Beef Bulgogi – $60
Lemongrass Chicken – $60
Honey and Soy, Garlic King Prawns – $60
Homemade Kimchi Pancake – $25
Vegetarian Green Curry – $60
3 Meals Survival Packs – $60 (Includes the Lemongrass Chicken, Korean Beef Bulgogi & Vegetarian Green Curry each for 2 people)
Mother’s day special – $89 (OMG why not surprise mum with Melbourne’s favorite pork belly. All prepped and ready to go all you need to do is fry and plate up. I’m sure you will be mums favorite this year 😊) Pork belly for 2-4 People And a bottle of Dal Zotto ‘Pucino’ Prosecco.

Note, you can read about our Red Spice To-Go Health & Safety Measures here.



Important Information:

Please confirm the full name/email address you would like associated with the care packages in the notes box at checkout. Please allow some process time for the confirmation of your online order. Online orders open Monday to Saturday from 11am – 9pm.



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