Pinots We Tasted This Week | Part 2

Pinots We Tasted This Week | Part 2

We’re officially one third of the way through 80 Pinots in 80 Days.
This week, Meat Fish Wine presented our pass holders with wines from Yarra Valley, Murray Darling and the Mornington Peninsula.
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Mon 23/05 -Paradigm Hill ‘L’Ami Sage’ Pinot Noir
“The Wise Friend”. From a stunning estate down on the Mornington Peninsula, George Mihaly, and his wife Ruth, came to winemaking a little bit later in life. After an illustrious career as a medical scientist, George discovered his next love in life as a winemaker and vigneron. A man of science, who does not want to intervene when not necessary in the winemaking process, producing some incredible bottles of wine.
Tues 24/05 – Trentham Estate Pinot Gris
Young, vibrant and fresh. Hailing from the Murray Darling region (NSW), this approachable and easy drinking style of Pinot Gris showcases a lovely pear and apple character.
Wed 25/05 – By Farr ‘Farrside’ Pinot Noir
In the Australian world of Pinot Noir, few names come much bigger than that of Gary and Nick Farr. Based in Geelong, the Farr father and son combination produce beautifully distinct wines which they aim to have speaking of their site. Quite the fans of whole bunch in their winemaking, they’ve become masters of the style. A fantastic wine, up amongst some of Australia’s best.
Thurs 26/05 – Wild Oats Pinot Grigio
The great late Robert Oatley was a huge fan of wine and as such created a number of labels to fall under his banner. Clean and refreshing with a lively acidity, it shows a true Italian style and influence with the Grigio-esque characters coming through well.
Get your pass and start tasting some great Pinots with us at Meat Fish Wine.
See what we tasted last week here.



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