Meet our Producers: La Valle Franciacorta

Meet our Producers: La Valle Franciacorta

Franciacorta to some is considered finer than Champagne, with an ageing period of at least 18 months to produce the coveted sparkling wine. This delicious drop is made using the exact same method of production as Champagne, but with even stricter regulations to produce a premium product each and every time.

With production roots that reach back to the 16th century, Franciacorta has a very ancient heritage. In 1995, Franciacorta was the first Italian wine produced exclusively by bottle refermentation to obtain the rare Denominazione di Origine Controllate e Garantita (DOCG).

La Valle is the sumptuous Franciacorta featured on our wine list. It is owned by the Pezzola family, the vineyard nestled in the beautiful hills of Franciacorta in Rodengo Saiano. The winery’s name is taken from the main property, La Valle bought in 1890 by the family’s ancestors. It is located near a famous Olivetan monastery of the 11th century in a region particularly well suited for viticulture. In 1990 the winery was founded exclusively for the production of the prestigious Franciacorta sparkling wine. Enjoying a unique microclimate, the high-quality grapes are rich in scent and taste, sourced from noble vines of Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Nero. In 1993 the first 3000 bottles of the millésime were produced – a few bottle of which are still specially guarded.

With a total production of only 50,000 bottles this is rare and elusive sparkling wine at its finest. With La Valle  “Primum”, “Naturalis” and Rosé featured on our wine list, you can be one of the special few with the opportunity to sample this beautiful sparkling wine with a remarkable heritage.

Read more about the production method here.




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