Meat Fish Wine is all about the produce!

Meat Fish Wine is all about the produce!

From earth, to land, to sea, our loyal producers are passionate about sourcing the best, upon which the Meat Fish Wine team lovingly prepare and deliver to you.
Autumn Harvest - Foraging_2Starting from the earth, Autumn Harvest supply delicious locally grown wild mushrooms. Currently being foraged are vibrant Saffron Milk Caps, delicate Slippery Jacks and tiny and delicate Grey Knights. Delivered within 12 hours of picking, these are the freshest mushrooms around. Sweet Sunflower Micro Herbs grow miniscule herbs – pretty as a picture and packed full of flavour, and Calendar Cheese supply the restaurant with premium local and international cheese.
Moving to the land, some of the best meat available is sourced from O’Connor Beef, a name synonymous with fine quality beef, tenderness, texture and taste. Saltbush Dorper Lamb from the edge of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia provides world class lamb of beautiful consistency complemented by the sweet taste of the saltbush they graze on in the vast Australian outback – a completely organic and native pasture that has not been altered for hundreds of years.
Diving into the sea, Meat Fish Wine sources some of the freshest seafood available, always with a sustainable focus. Sweet and delicate oysters from Coffin Bay are left to graze off the natural nutrient-filled waters flowing through Coffin Bay South Australia and then farmed at their prime, giving them a delightfully distinct flavour. Plump, juicy Blackman’s Bay and St. Helens Pacific Oysters are simply divine, with unique flavours developing within each oyster dependent on their location around Tasmania’s coastline.
Cloudy Bay Clams, uniquely New Zealand, are wild harvested from the turbulent nutrient rich surf zone of some of New Zealand’s most remote beaches. These coveted clams have flavour and texture like no other and with a Friend of the Sea international sustainability seal of approval, they will be featured on the menu for a long time to come.
Humpty Doo Barramundi provide premium quality saltwater barramundi. Located in a remote part of the Northern Territory, halfway between Darwin and Kakadu, their best practice harvest techniques ensure this premium barramundi is sustainably delivered throughout the year.
A Meat Fish Wine Huon_Aqua_0006_RSmenu stalwart, Huon Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon is the best you will find. Sourced from one of the most pristine and pure places on earth, with water temperatures ideal for salmon growing, the fine texture and flavour is surpassed by none. This family-run business is dedicated to the most sustainable fishing practices, and use natural techniques to limit the spread of disease amongst their salmon population.
These hard-working artisans, are vital to Meat Fish Wine.  “We are proud to work with and source from these diverse producers” said Head Chef Darren Mercaldi.  “Each supplier has been selected because they deliver the freshest, premium and most sustainable produce available. I love working with exceptional quality ingredients I know are sustainable and can feel good about using in my kitchen” he said.
Without these loyal producers, our beloved restaurant industry would simply not be possible.



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