Celebrate Daylesford & Hepburn’s New Natives Range

We’re excited to be collaborating with Daylesford and Hepburn Mineral Springs Co for our annual Laneway Lunch this Sunday. They will be providing their signature sparkling mineral water, sourced from the pristine Daylesford region in Victoria, for our 230 attendees.

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They have just released their Natives rangeincorporating unique Australian flavours. These latest additions are perfect to drink on their own or as cocktail mixers.

Want to win an exclusive case of the Natives range? Simply comment on our latest Facebook post with the coordinates of the pink Quandong & Green Tea bottle and we’ll choose 2 winners!

Natives competition pack

As a bonus, you will also receive a cocktail recipe booklet so you can whip up concoctions like the “Chilli Fingers”, created by our Red Spice QV manager. Watch him use the Australian Native Finger Lime on the video below or follow the full recipe here.

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