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5 mins with…Marty Stojaspal

Marty is our extremely loveable Head Chef at Red Spice QV. We take some time to get to know Marty a little better – he is a fascinating man after all! What inspired you to be a chef? Helping my granny bake. The Sunday lunches she cooked were so good that I just had to […]


Recipe: Singapore Carrot Cake

Our Executive Chef”s favourite dish to eat at the hawker stalls in Singapore is Carrot Cake, which ironically has no carrot in it at all. Make this Black Carrot Cake dish at home with the recipe below: Ingredients: 3 pieces radish cake, cubed 3 large eggs 1 teaspoon chopped garlic 1 large chopped red chilli […]


Celebrate Malaysian Independence Day at Red Spice QV

Watch our Executive Chef, John McLeay, make a classic Malaysian mixed herb and rice salad called Nasi Ulam. The dish will feature on the menu for our special Malaysian Independence Day dinner event at Red Spice QV on August 31st. Purchase your tickets here. We will be holding a series of Independence Day dinners in […]


Celebrate Daylesford & Hepburn’s New Natives Range

We’re excited to be collaborating with Daylesford and Hepburn Mineral Springs Co for our annual Laneway Lunch this Sunday. They will be providing their signature sparkling mineral water, sourced from the pristine Daylesford region in Victoria, for our 230 attendees. They have just released their Natives range, incorporating unique Australian flavours. These latest additions are perfect to drink on […]


Celebrate World Vegan Day @ Red Spice QV

With so many delicious South-East Asian dishes that do not contain any animal products, we just had to get involved in World Vegan Day on Sunday October 23rd, with a handcrafted Vegan Tasting Menu. If you are looking for the perfect restaurant to go completely vegan, and enjoy a mouth-watering meal, book your table at […]

buddhadrop cocktail

Recipe: Buddahadrop Cocktail

Executive Chef John McLeay perfectly pairs mango and passionfruit flavours to create a deliciously refreshing margarita-style cocktail. Ingredients 45ml tequila 20ml orange-flavoured liqueur 30ml lime juice 10ml passionfruit syrup 1 scoop of mango sorbet (mashes a little)   Method Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake vigorously to break up and distribute the sorbet […]

RS QV Veg Dinner

Vegetarian Dinner at Red Spice QV

Our Veg dinner took place last night & featured 8 super yummy meat-free dishes prepared by our executive chef John McLeay! Check out some of the photos from the night on our Facebook page. Visit if you’d like to see what delicious events we’ve got coming up!      On the menu last night: Potato congee […]