Burma vs Thailand – World Dinner

Burma vs Thailand – World Dinner

OBurma VS Thailand Dinner Good Food Month 2015n Wednesday the 11th of November, Burma Lane hosted a World Dinner as part of The Age Good Food Month.
Guests enjoyed the authentic flavours of Thailand and Burma as Red Spice Road and Burma Lane Chefs produced a feast to remember.
On the menu:
Fried Shan tofu, picked spanner crab, tomato pickle, herbs (Burma)
Scallop, chicken skin, hot & sour turmeric broth, trout roe (Thailand)
Burma VS Thailand Dinner Good Food Month 2015
Salmon, mint, heirloom tomato, peanut, shallot, crispy bean salad (Burma)
Crispy fried chicken ribs, ginger, green onion, balaunchang, sesame sauce (Burma)

Pulled beef cheek, lima beans, spinach, curry leaves, tamarind shrimp paste sauce (Burma)
Slow cooked pork, salted spicy cabbage, crispy pork skin, herbs (Thailand)

Burma VS Thailand Dinner Good Food Month 2015Sweet Siam-a selection of Thai inspired sweet treats (Thailand)
Coconut & mung bean pudding w/ ginger soup
longan jelly w/ coconut water tapioca
Sesame Fried sticky rice & banana fritter, palm sugar caramel
Steamed Mango pudding
Jackfruit & cardamom ice cream
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