Bacon Week at Apples + Pears

Bacon Week at Apples + Pears

We are getting involved in Pork Star’s annual Bacon Week which starts on Sunday June 19th, and runs through to Saturday June 25th. We will be showcasing a week of bacon-inspired dishes across each of our restaurants, to honour our Australian pork producers in a fun & tasty way!
Unbeknownst to many Australians, 72% of bacon and ham sold in Australia, is brought in from international shores. We believe, along with most Australians, that Aussie pork tastes the best, and we are also loyal to sourcing 100% Australian grown pork at all our venues.
Take a progressive culinary trip around Melbourne’s CBD and sample each of our bacon creations. Burma Lane is first stop with our bite-sized bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms, snake beans, red pepper and a tart chilli sauce. Next, stroll down to Red Spice Road for our salmon with black pepper caramel, bacon & roasted shallots. Now it’s time time to move onto Red Spice QV for our Kung-Pao chicken, bacon, green onion, cashews, Sichuan pepper, chilli & soy. To finish this journey of bacon, move next door to Meat Fish Wine for our chocolate mousse tart, bacon ice cream, honeycomb and maple jelly.
Celebrate your love of bacon with us!
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